Lorenzo Peve, EIT

“I started working with Cece during a period I was assessing the different career paths I could take within Geotechnical Engineering while entering my second year in a rigorous Master’s program. As an individual with varied interests and goals (not only engineering related), I found in Cece invaluable guidance. First, I find in Cece, someone who can guide my efforts and energy to be more efficient and start making my ideas happen. She helps me clarify my thoughts and put them more concrete, and together, we determine the steps and action plan I need to meet my goals. Besides, I find in Cece someone supportive of my different pursuits and someone who is always encouraging. I still remember her question in one of our first sessions: “What makes you think you can’t?” Also, I find in Cece someone who gives me honest and objective feedback on my performance, my priorities, my vision, and the items we agreed to complete in our previous meeting. Our conversations leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. Cece helped me feel I can shape my career the way I want. I heartily recommend her to anyone looking for growth and clarity. Cece’s energy is contagious.”