Alex Magaña

“As an entrepreneur, we tend to think that we can handle it all. We are driven, ambitious and strong…until life kicks us in the teeth. Asking for help is something foreign to me, but I’m truly grateful that I found Cece Weldon. She is an empathic listener, a guide, a coach, a friend and a kick in the rear end when you need it. When I’m living step 10 in my mind, Cece helps to bring me back to step 1. You know in your mind and feel in your heart that Cece is there for you and I am grateful for her guidance.” Frank Enriquez Enriquez Renewals “I’ve made amazing strides working with Cece these past few months. We’ve tackled topics far and wide! From professional development – refining skills such as project and time management, to personal growth – managing relationships and developing a sleep schedule that best supports my lifestyle, Cece has provided a safe, yet structured, space to walk-through all the possible improvement areas. Each coaching session starts with a simple question – “how’s it going?” – and ends with a detailed action plan, essential to the construction of SMART goals. Finally, these sessions provided that extra level of accountability to keep me on-track as I worked towards these goals.”