Meeting Facilitation

Most meetings don’t require someone from outside the organization to help facilitate it but there are times where having an outside facilitator can help your organization reach new heights. The following are important times within your organization when you should consider having IBEX to support you.
  • Difficult Problem to Address
  • Need a Neutral Party
  • Meeting Results are Critical
  • Important Decision Must Be Made
IBEX will work closely with your organization to understand the meeting objectives and ensure a productive meeting is held. As a Certified Structured Professional Facilitator, depending on the meeting purpose, a specific methodology will be used to overcome the challenges of time, cost and scope. Team initiatives will benefit from structured activities that plan, decide, analyze, and extract high-quality information in a compressed time. Empirically driven, our techniques help teams develop clear deliverables and consensus-based decisions.
CSPF - Certified Structured

Strategic Planning

Whether a team within a company or an entire organization, having a plan is crucial to knowing what the organization is trying to achieve and not just going through each day in a reactive mode, losing precious time. All too often, teams/organizations spend their time on the wrong things and ignore critical topics, like maximizing the talent of the leaders and broader team to help unlock the strategy. We work to understand the greatest value drivers of the business as well as the greatest risks to the business. We then help the team get focused on how it can use the skills, talents, and experience of its members to accelerate value creation or to significantly minimize risk. Strategic planning sessions that are lead by an executive usually turn into a form of staff meetings. Group-think isn’t addressed and the status-quo is not challenged. Organizational weaknesses are often not discussed and sensitive issues are avoided. This results in options not being thoroughly explored and prevents the organization form identifying new opportunities and reaching its potential.
Having IBEX support your organization in the strategic planning process brings a sound methodology and fresh perspective to help your organization reach its potential. With IBEX as an outsider to the company, we are not constrained by groupthink, company culture and sensitivities. During the strategic planning process you can expect that IBEX will:
  • Facilitate the process
  • Ask probing questions
  • Challenge the status-quo
  • Conduct a valuable assessment
  • Keep what works and identify what doesn’t
  • Link strategy and execution