The best athletes, the best teams – they all have coaches.

Great leaders recognize that they can always improve themselves and the best leaders do that with coaches. Our knowledge, skills and personality traits can make us good managers but that doesn’t usually make a great leader. To be a great leaders you need a thought partner – a person who will support you in identifying the behaviors that if refined, will take you to new heights in your career. Many great leaders had coaches including Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, Frances Hesselbein, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama had coaches at various times in their lives. You should too. Your best investment is the one you make in yourself.
The Best Athletes, The Best Teams
IBEX Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Successful leaders know that they must grow and evolve to achieve new success. To excel in an ever-changing environment, it is imperative that they ask the question, “Which of my leadership behaviors should I keep or change take myself and my team to new heights?” Many CEOs and other senior leaders find it “lonely at the top.” At the top, there are few opportunities to think strategically about one’s own leadership skills, to receive honest feedback and to plan and execute a series of steps to become the leader one wants to be. Assessing and identifying one’s strengths and areas for development and setting a clear path to improvement is crucially important. IBEX supports organizations and individuals by:
  • Identifying and addressing specific areas for development, based on consultation with the individual and stakeholders
  • Providing one-one-one coaching to top-level executives and managers
  • Assisting new managers in becoming successful leaders
  • Helping organizations to assess and identify a potential leadership pipeline
  • Strengthening leaders ability to engage and motivate their team
  • Promoting a proactive and productive approach to dealing with performance issues
  • Supporting team development

Team Coaching

We then create a customized program that includes hands-on learning and coaching to deepen a team’s collective success and address the obstacles that are getting in its way. Coaching and learning topics include:
  • Understanding team members personalities
  • Strengthening communication and trust
  • Addressing and resolving conflict
  • Enhancing collaboration
  • Improving structures and processes
IBEX Team Coaching
Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

As a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach, we can utilize individual or team stakeholder centered coaching – a process that guarantees results. People don’t get better because they go to “programs”. They don’t get better because they listen to motivational speakers. They only get better if they pick something important to improve on, involve the people around them and follow up in a disciplined way. Long-term change in leadership effectiveness takes time, follow-up and discipline – not just understanding. This is a critical insight for human resources and business leaders. It is the basis of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology which puts these concepts into a clear 7-step process: involving those around a leader to help the leader improve in specified leadership growth areas through consistent feedback and follow-up.

International Coach Federation

As a member of the International Coach Federation, we are required to comply to the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, which is highest professional coaching standards.
Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach