Our mission is to help people develop lasting positive behavioral changes to improve themselves, their career and their lives.

The Difference

Cece has the innate ability to help people identify their strengths, areas for improvement and support individuals on their journey to becoming greater leaders. Cece has deep construction industry, risk management, and leadership experience. Being a corporate executive she understands the pressures to deliver results and continually add value. Aside from her experience with large corporations, Cece understands non-profit organizations as well. She has served on Boards of Directors for non-profits as well as volunteering her time supporting various organizations. Cece is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach and Certified Structured Professional Facilitator (CSPF).

The Company Name

Sitting atop a mountain, there was nothing but silence and then there was the sound of falling rock. There they were, ibex, jumping from rock edge to rock edge, 10,000 plus feet above ground level. They had no hesitation, had no fear. They were going to the top of the mountain. The only way that we can reach new heights is to acknowledge fears, push past them, reach new heights and become better versions of ourselves.
IBEX Strategy Group - Leadership